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With the Marine line, Sensitron develops a gas detection system certified by Lloyd’s Register according to MED/3.54. MULTISCAN++MED control panels and SMART S-MS MED detectors meet the EMC and environmental requirements of the marine sector.
MULTISCAN++MED control panels are also ATEX-certified and meet SIL2 functional requirements.
The SMART S-MS MED detector is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment. It is equipped with a catalytic sensor or infrared sensor to detect flammable gases. The detector is also compliant to SIL 2 Hardware, SIL 3 Software and certified ATEX for Zone 1 with marking II2G Ex db IIC T5 Gb.



The gas detection system consists of MULTISCAN++MED gas control panels and SMART S-MSdetectors, both purposely designed and certified to meet with the Marine requirements.
The system has been certified by the Lloyd’s Register in accordance with MED/3.54 Regulation.
The MULTISCAN++MED are advanced multifunction gas detection control panel designed to meet with the increasing requests for highly flexible systems. A powerful microprocessor allows a wide range of self-testing facilities to take place to detect and localize possible failures.
The system allows the connection of gas detectors and remote input/output modules via 2 closed loops.
The control panels can manage and monitor up to 64 gas detectors. These can either be addressable detectors, daisy chained on the available loops, or analog type with 4-20mA transmission, connected via remote 8 input cards STG/IN8-S2MED.
The system architecture includes 8 preset relays onboard the units and the possibility to have further 128 open collector outputs via remote STG/OUT16-S2MED output cards. To these cards it is possible to connect 8-relays boards, should relay outputs be required.


Designed to meet with the harshest conditions of Marine environments, SMART S-MS MED line allows to monitor flammable gas contents both by employing catalytic or infrared technologies.

These detectors have been certified to SIL 2 Hardware SIL 3 Software capability and are ATEX certified for zone 1 as II2G Ex db IIC T5 Gb.

SMART S-MS line has also been Marine certified by Lloyd's Register.

  • Electronic with1 output RS+4-20 mA
  • 3-relay card Output
  • SIL2 Hardware &  SIL3 Software Certified
  • Certified by Lloyd's Register

Custom solutions for each application


 All devices connected to the loops feature galvanic isolation to protect the system from any electric noises coming from the field. A broad range of self-testing facilities are implemented to detect and localize possible faults.

The backlit graphic LCD display provides a precise indication of the gas concentration being measured. A RS232C serial port allows the PC connection to the CPU board for the panel configuration and supervision.

Report from the event memory or real-time printouts can be obtained by connecting a printer to the parallel printer port.

The panels are supplied in a robust metal cabinet.

  • Marine, ATEX and SIL 2 certified (EN 50402)
  • Up to 2 closed RS485 (EIA-485) galvanic isolated loops
  • Up to 64 inputs (standard configuration) and up to 256 inputs on request
  • Up to 128 O/C outputs (standard configuration) and up to 256 outputs on request.

Custom solutions for each application

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